Going a little stir-crazy in quarantine?

We hope you’re finding a bit of time to focus on yourself during these times. Here are a few resources we found that will help!

Calm.com has made many of its wellness tools available for free to the public with this message:

No matter how difficult it may seem at times, it’s within you to calm and ground yourself so that your mind is more settled and your heart less heavy.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or not at-ease, these free meditations, music, and mindfulness exercises can help. There’s even a section for kids!

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The brain craves regularity; it’s built to develop and repeat habits. As a behavior becomes habitual, you start doing it automatically. Habits are essentially labor-saving devices for the brain, because making decisions all the time about everything is hard on the brain. It’s draining.

Sticking to a routine right now can minimize stress and reduce anxiety. Check out this article we found on Bustle.com about how routines help your brain.

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The term that we have been using during the pandemic to describe the act of keeping 6 feet away from others when in public is “social distancing.”

But while this is the term we use, it’s not actually the correct…while we are maintaining physical distance from each other, for our mental health, it’s more important that we are socially connected. If there is someone that you have been meaning to reconnect with, now is the perfect time to do it. After all, it’s good for your mental well-being to reconnect! Check out this article on The Globe & Mail about staying physically distant, but socially connected.

Visit theglobeandmail.com

The first step toward reducing and managing stress is identifying your habits, recognizing where you’re already making good choices and knowing where you need to make a change.

This 8-question quiz from the University of Minnesota will give you a personalized stress assessment. Reducing stress isn’t just about mental wellness, taking charge of stressors in your life and how you react to them improves your health overall.

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