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The prospect of self-isolation might feel like pressing you are pressing a giant pause button on life, but it is possible to view it as an opportunity rather than a setback. It’s nice to know you do have options and that there are still ways to fit a little R&R into the mix. Read on for your guide to self-isolation in downtown Toronto.

Who Should Self-Isolate?

While specific rules and details change rapidly and frequently, there are consistent circumstances in which you or a loved one many need to quarantine.

  • Travelers returning from abroad: Check Canada’s Coronavirus pages for specific details prior to your return.
  • Front-line workers: You can’t risk exposing yourself to compromised members of your household. Self-isolation shields you from catching the virus as well as passing it onto vulnerable populations.
  • Protecting at-risk family members: If you have tested positive or have been exposed, self-isolation helps protect people in your household from also contracting the virus.

Lodging Options

There’s no place like home. But, if staying put within your own abode is not a possibility, you can explore the following options.

  • Airbnb: Oodles of Airbnb hosts have opened their homes to self-isolation. If you desire the creature comforts of home, like a private entrance, driveway, and yard, this could be the right choice for you.
  • Hotels: Just like Airbnb, lots of hotels are making themselves amendable to people who need to quarantine. Be sure you review the hotels’ safety and cleaning protocols before making a decision about where to kick off your shoes and stay a while.
  • Extended-stay hotels: A great option that sits somewhere between a traditional hotel stay and an Airbnb. With the convenient amenities of a full kitchen and permanent residence, combined with hotel perks like room service, an extended stay hotel may be the best option yet in downtown Toronto.

Making the Right Decision

How do you choose the accommodation that’s right for you? Try to balance risk with practicality. Perhaps a secluded Airbnb bungalow is the way to go. Or, if you need to stay within close proximity to your place of work, such as a hospital, then naturally that becomes a driving factor in your decision making process.

Wherever you stay, be sure you have read, understand, and feel confident that the host follows strict hygiene protocols. Silver Hotel Group has some great general guidelines that should be followed by any reputable host. Look for precautions like bedlifts, UV sterilization wands, and enhanced disinfection protocols both in public areas as well as in the “back of the house”, like the hotel kitchen and laundry room.

Isolation Packages Make It Easy

Many downtown Toronto hotels are offering special “self-isolation packages” that help take some of the guesswork out of self-quarantine.

  • Pantages: Offering a special self-quarantine rate to best serve the downtown Toronto community. Self-isolation guests will be placed on a separate floor of the hotel away from regular guests, and all food and linens are provided through a contactless delivery system.

Create a Self-Isolation Plan

After accommodations are sorted, it’s time to develop a plan for regular meals and your work schedule, if applicable. And don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your mental health in check. Isolation is very lonely if you aren’t prepared.

Building your personal self-isolation plan is as easy as downloading any number of printable templates now available online. With a little help from an easy-to-follow format, you will be able to indicate how you plan to receive meals, stay active, and keep in regular touch with people.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We won’t sugarcoat things—rising above the uncertainty of a global pandemic is challenging for everyone, and it is no wonder that there have been reports of upticks in mental-health-related illnesses. While you are on your own, there are several things you can do to stay positive.

  • Eat nutritious foods: You are what you eat. Sticking to a nourishing and vitamin-rich meal plan is a simple way to try to keep your body and spirits in good health. Processed foods high in fat, salt and preservatives do not nourish the body or feed the brain the way real food can. Hotel stays are a great option for ensuring you eat regular, nutrient-packed meals and snacks.
  • Keep moving: Although you are inside, it’s possible to stay active within a small area. Many routines require no equipment or make use of common objects found around the home or hotel room. If you can bring dumbbell weights or resistance bands along for your stay, even better. Loads of online fitness videos are available to choose from, and many are available for free. Click around, and you’ll be sure to find a style, level and instructor who fits your style.
  • Mental Fitness: Yes, binging your favourite crime drama is a thrill, but it’s not necessarily the brain food you need right now. Balance out those indulgences with some good mental activities like meditation, brain games, or even learning a new language. So many apps, websites and podcasts make it easy to give your brain a variety of fun challenges.

Self-Isolation the Right Way

With a little planning and commitment to prioritize self-care, self-isolation may turn out to be a surprisingly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Accommodations in downtown Toronto are waiting to welcome you with empathy while placing a high priority on your safety and comfort. And who knows, you may return home knowing how to speak German, or play Bridge, or solve a crossword puzzle in record time. The possibilities are endless.

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